Stunning video shows VIA bus crash into home

Bus driver injured in crash

SAN ANTONIO – Video of an Oct. 17 bus crash shows how a VIA bus ended up in a Southwest Side home, as well as a suspicious departure from the scene.

The video offers multiple angles of the crash at the intersection of Haven Valley and Spur Valley. It shows a pickup truck, which police say ran a stop sign, T-boned the bus and sent it careening into the home.

The video shows the 59-year-old bus driver slowly look around, call in the crash and eventually leave out the back door.

An outside camera angle also shows the pickup truck crashing into a fence across the street. The fence is owned owned by Emil Carter, a school bus driver and former VIA driver.

Watching the video Tuesday, Carter could feel the bus driver's pain.

"Yeah, it kind of stirred him up a little bit," he said. "He's going, lik,e 'What in the world was that?'"

Carter said he had his own accident as a VIA driver.

"And it was just like that," he said. “(It) came out of nowhere."

After the crash, the rear-facing outside camera shows two people pop out of the passenger side of the truck.

The first person out runs away from the truck immediately after the crash and then briefly doubles back. Then, the two people walk out of frame and do not seem to return.

By the end of the video, only one person appears to be waiting for the truck.

"That's really weird that you'd leave a scene like that," Carter said.

Police were only aware of one person in the truck -- an 18-year-old who was charged for having no liability insurance and no driver's license.

However, SAPD Officer Doug Greene said only the driver needs to stay at the scene. Other do not need to stay, unless they were unless involved in a crime at that location.

The VIA driver was taken to the hospital after complaining of shoulder pain, but a VIA spokeswoman Tuesday said he has been able to return to work.

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