City manager calls for review of process, regulations for termination of cadets

New pre-termination review board among recommendations


SAN ANTONIO – After the termination of several fire cadets in October, San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley called for a complete review of the process and regulations for fire and police cadets and probationary employees.

Sculley requested that the San Antonio Fire Department, the office of the city attorney and the city’s human resources department recommend improvements after reviewing the disciplinary process for fire cadets.

A new pretermination review board was among the recommendations. The board is made up of the city’s human resources director, a fire department deputy chief and a police department assistant chief. The board will make recommendations to the fire chief about any recommended dismissal of a cadet from the academy.

The board will consider documentation related to the reasons for termination, recommendations from academy staff and a statement from the cadet.

After reevaluating the recent termination of eight fire cadets, the board recommended that two of them be terminated. The board also recommended that the six cadets dismissed in August be reinstated to the academy.

Of the six, the board recommended discipline for five of the cadets. One will not be disciplined. 

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