3 State Rep. challengers win seats from incumbent opponents

Final election results are in for state representative races

SAN ANTONIO – Three challengers bested their incumbent opponents in the state representative races Tuesday.

RESULTS: Click here to see the final election results for the state representative races.

Democratic candidate Philip Cortez won in District 117, beating Republican candidate Rick Galindo.

Cortez won with 29,302 votes, to Galindo's 27,770 votes.

"Many of the people standing behind me were out block-walking the whole day," Galindo said. "We were knocking on doors. We were making phone calls. We didn't take this election day off by any means. We worked it very hard."

Cortez held the District 117 seat from 2013 to 2015, when he lost his position to Galindo.

Tomas Uresti, the Democratic candidate for District 118, won the race against Republican candidate John Lujan.

Uresti's final vote count was 25,625 to Lujan's 20,827.

Lujan won a special election earlier this year but was beat by Uresti in the general race.

Democratic candidate Barbara Gervin-Hawkins ousted Republican candidate Laura Thompson from the District 118 seat.

Gervin-Hawkins won with 31,497 votes, to Thompson's 9,065 votes.

"I think that my work speaks for itself. I've worked in this community a number of years. That's No. 1. I think the other part of it is you know I am the most qualified, and I have the credentials. I have the experience, and I have the proven track record. And the people knew that," Gervin-Hawkins said. 

Thompson won a runoff election earlier this year after Democrat Ruth Jones McClendon resigned. Thompson was the first Independent candidate in the Legislature in decades. 

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