Financial adviser tells consumers not to overreact about changes in Dow

Kent Copeland: 'Economy is in good shape ... right now.'

SAN ANTONIO – As the results came down on Tuesday night during the election, the Dow Jones' future numbers started to decline.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up 257 points after Tuesday night's tumble.

"I think the election may have been a little bit of a surprise in terms of the results, but people don't really know what's going to happen," said Kent Copeland, an Ameriprise financial adviser. "When they think things are going one way and they go another, often, there's a lot of initial reaction to that."

On Wednesday, Copeland urged people not to overreact.

"For long-term money, the caution is to not overreact one way or the other," Copeland said. "And emotions are high right now. People are feeling very strongly one way or the other, and it's important not to overestimate your confidence, or magnify the anxiety or the fear you may be feeling."

At this point, when it comes to buying a house or other big financial decisions, Copeland said consumers might want to take their time.

"If you have a big purchase coming up, you might want to make some adjustments," Copeland said. "Hopefully, you are not in the kind of investments where one day can make that big of a difference, where you are going to buy a house or a car, or take a trip, those kinds of things."

While the market looked good Wednesday, Copeland said there's a lot that's not known about how things are going to work out yet. He said people need to think about changes past today and past the rest of the year, and spread those big decisions over a period of time.

"The good thing is that the economy is in good shape, generally, right now," Copeland said. "There's not a lot of problems that this is increasing. Businesses and consumers are generally in good shape."

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