Burglar breaks into homeowner's truck twice

Homeowner caught burglar on video

SAN ANTONIO – A man who wants to protect his family and his neighbors is asking for help to track down a man who boldly broke into his truck twice.

The second time around, it was all caught on video.

"If he's taking my stuff, who knows whose other stuff he is taking," Arturo Parra said.

It was two weeks ago when Parra said someone took tools from his truck, which was parked right in front of his house. Last Tuesday, it happened again.

Parra had installed surveillance cameras and caught everything on video.

"Two weeks later, I guess the guy or somebody else came back and took tools from my tool box and broke the back window to my truck and took all that I had in there," Parra said.

The second time someone broke into Parra's truck, he said he didn't even have to step outside to know something was wrong. He said he saw the video from his surveillance camera and noticed there was something unusual on the ground.

"I noticed there was stuff on the ground and just started backtracking the video. That's when I saw the truck pull up," Parra said. "He went behind the bushes there, went to the back side of the truck and he had his own flashlight."

Parra said $2,500 worth of tools were taken the second time around.

"I know it's just tools, but it's how we make a living," Parra said. "It's not just my stuff. It's my guys' work tools as well."

Parra said if this man was bold enough to break a window at 11 o'clock at night, he's going to break into somebody else’s home too.

If he's doing that, what makes me think that he's not going to break into my house, my neighbor's house?" Parra said. "There's kids here everywhere, so it's a danger, him being out there."

Parra has filed a report with the San Antonio Police Department, but he's also offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to the man’s arrest.

Video of the scene can be seen here: https://video.nest.com/clip/8b3a046fb27c4f7193f6e7de261dd996.mp4

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