The City of San Antonio celebrates the Marine Corps 241st birthday

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio city council honored the Marine Corps' 241st birthday with a special ceremony. 

The oldest marine cut a piece of cake for the youngest to represent honoring the past while passing on wisdom and experience to the next generation.

Major Norbert J. Hart, who was the oldest Marine at the ceremony, helped out Lance Corporal Nathaniel Soto, the youngest Marine at the ceremony, with his plate.

Major Norbert J Hart, USMC Ret. enlisted in the Marines in 1964 and served honorably for 20 years, including two combat tours in Vietnam. Hart currently serves as the Deputy City Attorney for Land Use and Capital Projects for the City of San Antonio. 

Lance Corporal Nathaniel Soto enlisted in the Marine Corps on July 20th, 2015. Lcpl Soto currently works for Company H, Cryptologic Support Battalion, in San Antonio.

City council acknowledged the military men and women with a flag ceremony and birthday video messages from commanding officers.

"Every single veteran that you see, that came back, was willing not to come back--thank you to our veterans." retired Major General Juan Ayala, USMC, said.