Camera rolling as man tries to take Christmas decorations

Homeowner put decorations back in storage

SAN ANTONIO – The cameras outside Daniel Deosio's Northwest Side home captured what he believes is someone attempting to take his Christmas inflatables.

"He grabbed them and started running with them and then they kind of pulled him back," Deosio said.

Deosio's said the man in the video was unable to take the holiday decorations because he tied them down.

"It is bittersweet, because I like to see that he wasn't able to take it but at the same time you just feel violated. You still feel that somebody came on your property and tried to take your things," Deosio said.

Deosio is now pulling the plug on his festive decorations and putting them in storage.

"Unfortunately, we do this to celebrate the most beautiful time of the year. We do it so others can see it. So my kids can see it and now I'm going to have wait until closer to the holiday to be able to do it," said Deosio.

The homeowner isn't sure what the man in the video's intentions were, but he wants his neighbors to be aware and to be on the lookout.