'I love tacos so much' wall vandalized, city continues tackling graffiti

Nearly 60,000 sites cleaned up at cost of $1.2M

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio's iconic "I love tacos so much" wall fell victim to overnight vandalism yet again.

The wall north of downtown has seen many variations. People from all over have been drawn to it, but not all have been fans. 

"Once it was painted over by the city by mistake," building owner Joe Calvey said. "The second time it happened somebody wrote cocaine instead of tacos." There was one additional vandalism prior to the one discovered Tuesday morning that read "Grab her by the p----."

"I forgive them but they are immature," Calvey said of the vandals. "Their message isn't really smart and they're not respecting private property."

Calvey plans to have an artist from Phoenix restore the wall to a mural that reads "I love the coyote so much," after temporarily covering the offensive message.

"Graffiti's still a pretty big problem," said Michael Shannon, with the city of San Antonio's development services department.

About 19 team members with the city's graffiti abatement program are tasked with cleaning up graffiti, which comes in forms other than just spray paint.

"We know some of the hot spots and get it out quickly because that's the best way to deter it is to get it cleaned up as quick as possible," Shannon said.

This year alone just under 60,000 graffiti sites have been cleaned up, according to the city. The abatements have cost about $1.2 million.

While crews try to discourage taggers, some can't help but wonder who continues targeting the original "I love tacos so much" wall at 109 W. Grayson Street.

"It might be different, multiple people. I'm not sure but I just think they're trying to like get popular or something," local bartender Richee Reyes said.

Calvey said he's filed a police report in hopes of catching who's responsible. In the meantime, the city asks people report tagging by calling 311 or 210-207-BUFF (2833). Those witnessing someone actively tagging property are asked to call 210-207-SAPD (7273). For more information, click here.