Jury deliberates for 20 minutes, finds man guilty of horrific murder

Victim killed, dismembered, set on fire

SAN ANTONIO – The jury deliberated for a scant 20 minutes Monday before returning a guilty verdict in the murder trial of Michael Quinn.

Quinn, 53, was on trial for beating to death Albert Guerra, 56, the former boyfriend of his girlfriend, Connie Yanez.

After admitting that he beat Guerra in the head with a hammer, Quinn said that he dismembered his body.

He admitted that during a recorded interview with detectives following his arrest.

“Did you cut him with that saber saw or did you cut him with the tree saw?” asked Detective Timm Angell.

“With the tree saw, and it was hard to,” Quinn replied.

During closing arguments on Monday, prosecutors played several clips from the interview in which Quinn admitted striking Guerra in the head with a hammer and cutting off his legs afterward.

In earlier testimony, Quinn’s relatives said that he called them on the morning of the murder and told them, “I am in a bad situation and I’m standing in a puddle of blood.”

Quinn is facing punishment ranging from 15 to 99 years to life in prison. The punishment phase of his trial will continue on Tuesday.

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