Study finds high-quality preschool essential for academic success of low-income students

Students who attended high-quality preschools in 2010 tested


SAN ANTONIO – A new study by Meadows Foundation and Children At Risk found that public preschool is essential for the academic success of low-income students.

Overall, the study shows that students who attended a high-quality public pre-kindergarten in 2010 scored higher on the 2015 third-grade state reading test than low-income students who didn’t attend preschool or who went to a lower-quality preschool.

“One of the things that this study confirms is that this is not a vaccination against poverty, but it’s a key building block in making sure that we end this circle of poverty,” said Robert Sanborn, present and CEO of Children At Risk.

This study was the most recent large-scale preschool study in the state since 2012. Nearly 47,000 students were tracked in five major urban school districts in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.