San Antonio boy fights for his life in Seattle

Benefit party scheduled for Saturday

SAN ANTONIO – Rowan Windham has been in a Seattle intensive care unit fighting for his life for the last four months.

He suffers from Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, which affects his pancreas, immune system, blood and bone marrow.

"He has been through so much his whole life, but he never complains," said Carrie Windham, Rowan's mother. "He's such a fighter."

Rowan is recovering from a second stem cell transplant and dealing with complications of kidney failure, a rare fungal infection in his lungs and a blood clot in his leg.

"What keeps me motivated is God and Rowan," Windham said.

Family friend James Tavera and The Well restaurant want to help Rowan and his family this year. A benefit "ugly sweater" Christmas party is scheduled Saturday at The Well. All proceeds will go to the Windham family.

"Let's give them an opportunity to kind of use that for something else, whether it's for visiting family a little more or going to extra money for airline tickets for Christmas," Tavera said.

The ugly sweater party is from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. If you can't make it, below are links on how to help or follow Rowan on Facebook:

GoFundMe Page

Rally for Rowan on Facebook

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