Direct flight to D.C., transportation funding top city's legislative priorities

City staff presents legislative agenda to San Antonio City Council

SAN ANTONIO – A direct flight from San Antonio to Washington, D.C., tops the city's list of goals for the nation's upcoming legislative session.

City staff believes securing a direct flight to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., would help boost local businesses and benefit military personnel.

San Antonio International Airport currently offers direct flights to Baltimore and Dulles International Airport outside Washington.

Over the last two years, Joint Base San Antonio booked more than 17,000 flights to the nation's capital.

"More than half went to Reagan National even though there's not a nonstop today," said Jeff Coyle, director of government and public affairs for the city of San Antonio. "So that means people who are trying to get to the Pentagon are having to make stops in other airports, deal with delays, potentially missed flights and certainly lost productivity."

Other top legislative priorities Coyle laid out Wednesday included securing federal funding for public safety and public transportation. 

"The new presidential administration that's coming in has talked a lot about infrastructure, so we're hopeful that means there's going to be a real conversation about more federal money coming to cities like San Antonio for us to be able to build out our transportation network. Not just streets, but rail and better transit, bus service," Coyle said.

Protecting local military installations also tops the legislative list.

With talk of another base realignment and closure, Coyle said the city wants to protect San Antonio's military interests and try to bring more missions to Military City, USA.

If City Council members approve the legislative agenda, members of the city staff will head to Washington to work with Congress and federal agencies to try to reach these goals.

The city wants to hear from community members who would like to see a direct flight from San Antonio to Reagan National. You can send an email to FlySAtoDC@sanantonio.gov. City staff will share those responses with congressional leaders.

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