SAWS wrapping up work assisting Corpus Christi

Crews spend night helping flush city's water system

Photos courtesy of San Antonio Water System. (San Antonio Water System)

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Water System said it was wrapping up work Saturday assisting Corpus Christi after a call from the state's emergency management office.

Crews had spent the night helping to flush Corpus Christi's water system at more than 20 sites and checking water quality, SAWS officials said.

Team members arrived early Friday evening and worked throughout the night.

Officials said a SAWS tanker truck provided water to Driscoll Children's Hospital. Critical services, dialysis and emergency surgeries were supported with water from the tanker.

"We are proud of our employees' technical skills," SAWS CEO and President Robert R. Puente said. "They have extensive training and engage in these kinds of activities each day across our system."

The tanker pumped an original shipment of 5,000 gallons, then refilled from cleared locations in the Corpus Christi system, officials said.

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"We stand ready to help and are pleased to be able to assist in Corpus Christi," Puente said.

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