Undercover stolen electronics operation ends in man's arrest

Man charged with organized theft

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police have arrested a man they say bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of stolen electronics.

Isaac Tellez, 24, had little to say to a KSAT photojournalist when police escorted him to a patrol unit. Police did not release the name of the man arrested.

Police said Tellez was a manager at a cellphone repair store located near Bandera and Evers roads.

"We collect the intelligence. Then we spend a great deal of time researching the establishment. We'll go in there and act as a customer and see what kind of business practices they take," said San Antonio police Sgt. Daniel Anders.

During the undercover operation, police bought and sold numerous items from the store. They have also recovered more than $30,000 in laptops, cellphones, cash and counterfeit items.

"When businesses are in business of buying used items, the law requires to record certain information and ask certain questions collect identification of the seller this particular owners,” Anders said. “The multiple times that we made our sells did not do any of these things."

Police are now contacting cellphone carriers and notifying them of the stolen items.

"We've got more targets then we have time to do. We are continuously working this process where we receive information. We verify it and then we go and setup our investigation process," Anders said, while noting that more arrests are possible.