Metro Health: At least 50 people sickened at SAHA holiday celebration

Diehard Catering prepared meal for Friday's Golden Gala

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Housing Authority and Metropolitan Health confirmed additional details Wednesday about a holiday gala at which many people complained of food poisoning-like symptoms.

A SAHA contract provided to The Defenders confirms Diehard Catering was hired to provide food for 1,000 people at Friday's 19th Annual Golden Gala at Freeman Coliseum. The event was hosted by the Education Investment Foundation, a nonprofit that administers SAHA's scholarship program.

The gala was attended by 950 people, mostly SAHA residents. One person in attendance said he got sick hours after the event and ended up in the hospital.

Metro Health said it has interviewed 85 people and nearly 60 percent -- 51 people -- reported some type of illness. They also said most symptoms had a "rapid onset" and resolved within a few days, however, several people were hospitalized.

The contract, which states the caterer was paid $9,500 for the event, called for the food to be prepared off-site since the county building does not have a kitchen facility.

KSAT has spoken with the owner of the catering company and is awaiting comment.

SAHA is asking anyone who feels they may have gotten sick at the gala to call 210-477-6060.

Contract for Golden Gala Event