Elmendorf police chief: ‘I am saddened and appalled' after former officer's arrest

Jesus Gonzalez charged with sexually assaulting girl, 13

SAN ANTONIO – A local police officer is in trouble with the law himself, after he is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Jesus Gonzalez, 42, was arrested this week and charged with ongoing sexual assault of a child.

Elmendorf Police Chief Marco Pena spoke out to the local media Thursday afternoon after one of his former reserve officers was arrested.

"I'm saddened and appalled," Pena said. "Honestly, as the chief of police of the Elmendorf Department, I'm really appalled."

Jesus Gonzalez was a reserve police officer with the Elmendorf Police Department for two months before he resigned Tuesday.

He resigned after allegations surfaced that Gonzalez had an ongoing relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

"We brought Mr. Gonzalez in and spoke to him in the conference room and I advised him what the allegation was," Pena said. "Soon thereafter, he resigned. He was no longer with the Elmendorf Police Department when he got arrested."

According to an affidavit, the mother of the 13-year-old victim had been going through photos on her cellphone when she found some of her daughter in provocative poses.

When she confronted her daughter, the teen told her Gonzalez had asked for the photos and that the two had been having a sexual relationship since September.

Pena said they conducted a thorough background check when Gonzalez was hired in October and that they didn't have any disciplinary issues while he was on the force.

"Unfortunately, sometimes, we don't know what these individuals ... what's in their minds or their hearts at that time," the chief said. "When we do this thorough background, we just don't know after the fact what happens to the individuals."

Before being hired by Elmendorf police, Gonzalez was an officer with the Alamo Community Colleges for 14 years. He left the college in 2014.

He had also worked as an entry-level juvenile-detention officer with Bexar County from December 2015 to Dec. 12.

When questioned about his employment, the county said he resigned because of discipline issues related to time and attendance.

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