Police searching for thief who robbed cash advance office in broad daylight

Thief hit West Side Advance America in busy area

SAN ANTONIO – Police are looking for a thief who robbed a cash advance office on the West Side in broad daylight.

Being in a busy area did not deter the thief from hitting the Advance America Saturday afternoon in the 800 block of Castroville Road.

Police said a man between 20 and 25 years old was seen outside the Advance America. Eventually, he went inside, jumped the counter and forced the clerk inside to open the safe.

As the man was leaving, police said he tied up the clerk’s hands. The clerk was not hurt and sat on the floor as the man fled with the cash.

Police did not say how much the robber made off with.

Authorities didn’t know which direction the thief fled or how long he had been hanging out in front of the cash advance office. They said they have surveillance video of the crime and will be investigating further to determine who the robber is. 

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