Young volunteers participate in food-packing event for needy children

Snack Pak 4Kids feeds thousands of SA-area children

SAN ANTONIO – Young people with disabilities were among dozens of volunteers who pitched in at a food-packing event for hungry children.

The volunteers help the organization, Snack Pak 4Kids, feed thousands of San Antonio-area children.

"All of our snacks are brand name, brand new. They are purchased, not donated, so we want to give these kids the very best," volunteer executive director Leslie Kingman said.

The program provides food supplements for children who are identified by their teachers as not having adequate nutrition on the weekends.

Volunteers filled bags with snacks that included crackers, cereal, granola bars, juice and milk.

"I probably did about maybe 10 to 15 bags, so it was fun. I got work done," said Elliott Lozano, 16, who filled bags while sitting in his walker.

Despite his disability, Elliott said he's happy to join the volunteer ranks.

Harrison Peacock, 10, who volunteers regularly, said he's happy to see new volunteers like Elliott.

"Meet new people like Elliott, and just have a really fun time," Harrison said.

The volunteers filled bags that will feed 1,300 kids in a week.

"1,200 of these bags will go out to kids in January, and the kids get them every single week," Kingman said.

The extra food will make a big difference in the lives of the children Snack Pak 4Kids serves.

The volunteers said they feel satisfied helping out those in need.

"It makes me feel really great helping other people," Harrison said. "I like helping people (who) don't have as much as maybe I do or someone else does."

"It's just great because you're giving to the community, and it's a wonderful feeling that you're making an impact in someone else's life," Elliott said.