Florida reporter records epic python vs. alligator fight

In battle between python, alligator which creature comes out on top?

A Burmese Python
A Burmese Python (FWC)

OCHOPEE, Florida – In a showdown between two massive reptiles who comes out on top?

Palm Beach Post reporter Joe Capozzi was riding his bike through the Big Cypress National Preserve when he heard some splashing around. It turns out a Burmese Python, an invasive species to Florida, and an alligator were fighting to the death.

The python appeared to be the predator, wrapped it’s tall around the alligator dragged it down into the swamp.

Capozzi writes that the python could have been about 15 feet long. Pythons can grow to be more than 20 feet.

Pythons can swallow other animals, more than twice their size, hunters have photographed them eating deer and finding alligator remains inside them after the snakes are killed.

Burmese Pythons have few predators in the Everglades and are at the top of the food chain, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife.

This story comes from KSAT sister station WKMG.

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