Video of toddler pinned under dresser used to bring awareness

Parents of boy don't want accident to happen to other children

SAN ANTONIO – A harrowing video of a toddler rescuing his twin brother who was trapped under a heavy piece of furniture is serving as a warning to parents or anyone who has a young child in their home.

In the scary 47-second video, which has gone viral, the 2-year-old twins climb onto open drawers of the dresser. The dresser falls on one of the little boys, pinning him underneath.

The nanny cam captured everything. The Utah parents of the twins shared the video online in the hope it will bring awareness.

In the video, the other toddler somehow is able to move the heavy dress to free his brother. It’s a glimpse into a danger that led to a massive recall on millions of Ikea dressers last year.

Unstable, unanchored Ikea dressers have been linked to the deaths of seven toddlers.

“It’s too dangerous to have these recalled dressers unanchored in homes where there are young children,” said Elliot Kaye, Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been warning parents for years about furniture tip-overs. The agency said every two weeks, a child is killed in this type of tragedy, and that goes beyond furniture made by the Ikea brand.

A simple and inexpensive solution could save a child’s life. Furniture straps, which cost about $5, can be used to anchor dressers to walls.

The boys’ parents urge others to take action and secure their furniture to prevent additional accidents.

The dresser in the video is an Ikea one, but it was not part of the big recall the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating.

People who own a recalled Ikea dresser can receive free straps or a refund from the company. Several retailers also sell furniture straps. 

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