Crews battle large house fire on North Side

No injuries reported

SAN ANTONIO – Crews battled a large house fire Wednesday night on the North Side on Queens Forest Street near Huebner Road.

A San Antonio Fire Department spokesman said no one was inside the home at the time of the fire. Crews were able to search the house to look for inhabitants, but the fire was already underway when they arrived so they weren’t able to search everywhere.

The woman who lives in the house full-time arrived after the fire had already started. She will be staying with neighbors.  

Arson investigators on the scene said they believe the fire possibly started in the garage and speculate that it may have been caused by something electrical. They have not yet been able to get in the house to investigate further. 

Crews said the two cats and a dog who live in the building were nowhere to be found. 

The spokesman said the fire is contained and did not spread to any other buildings. The cause of the fire will not likely be released Wednesday night. 

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