Fire victim's missing pets found dead, neighbor says

Woman loses home in fire on Queens Forest Street

SAN ANTONIO – A woman who lost her Northwest Side home to a fire Wednesday night has also lost her beloved pets, according to a neighbor who temporarily opened his home to her.

The man, who did not reveal his name, said the woman's two missing cats were found in the rubble. He said they fear that her missing dog also died in the blaze.

The homeowner was not home when the home erupted into flames around 8:30 p.m. on Queens Forest Street near Lockhill-Selma. She arrived later to find her home on fire.

John Taff, who lives one block away, said he was startled by the fire.

"You could see the flames up over the top," he said, pointing to some tall trees. "I stepped out behind my house and I could tell. I was afraid it was the house directly behind me, but I noticed it was the next house."

No one was injured in the fire, but by the time the blaze was extinguished, very little of the home was left standing.

City code enforcement crews showed up at the scene Thursday morning to take pictures and assess the damage. They also helped the woman locate and recover some of her valuables.

As of 11:30 a.m., it was unclear whether the crews had determined if what was left of the home would have to be demolished.

Woody Woodward of the San Antonio Fire Department said arson investigators suspect an electrical problem might have played a role in the fire, although they may never be able to determine the exact cause.

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