7 puppies die in fire at West Side home

Damage to home estimated at $30,000

SAN ANTONIO – A litter of seven puppies died Friday morning after fire broke out in a storage room just outside a West Side home.

Neighbors called 911 shortly after 9 a.m. after seeing flames in the 1400 block of Delgado Street.

San Antonio fire battalion Chief Wesley West said the fire started in the storage room, which is detached from the home and houses a water heater. He said the family was keeping the puppies in that room.

"The homeowners had a number of pets inside, and a number of them were brought out,” West said. “So I think quite a few were saved, but unfortunately the boxer puppies didn't make it."

He said the fire spread to part of the attic, but firefighters were able to stop it from causing major damage to the home.

“There was one room where we had to open it up to make sure it didn't extend into the house, or we stopped it in the attic. That room suffered a little bit of damage from the insulation and water,” West said.

The people who live in the home had left for work shortly before the fire started. No one was injured.

West said the family had insurance and should be able to make repairs.

He said investigators believe that the fire might have been caused by the water heater. The damage is estimated at $30,000.

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