Grandmother struggles to help 5 adopted kids after fire burns belongings

Fireworks suspected as cause; damage estimated at $15,000

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio fire officials said children playing with fireworks caused a garage and two cars to catch fire Sunday afternoon on Sierra Street, just off South Flores Street on the city's South Side.

The homeowner, Ruth Barnett, who just adopted her five grandchildren, told KSAT this was not the way she had hoped to start the New Year.

Barnett said she rushed home to find fire crews at her house. 

"I was at the store trying to get my grandkids some pants for school tomorrow and I get a phone call telling me my house was on fire," Barnett said. 

While Barnett's house did not catch fire, her garage was engulfed in flames and spread past her fence, creating a small grass fire close to the river.

At one point, crews were concerned the fire would spread to the other houses.

"The garage in the back, I had a car in there, it got burned up," Barnett said. "I had a truck right next to it that got burned up, all my clothes and things I have stored in there got burned up."

Barnett said what's even more disheartening was to learn from fire crews that this was caused by kids playing with fireworks.

"Whoever this was, it's not fair," said Barnett. "It's not fair at all. We struggle for what we have."

Fire officials estimate the fire caused about $15,000 in damage.

Barnett's family has set up a Go Fund Me account in hopes of helping their loved one recover from the fire.

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