2-city annex agreement reached; Converse to absorb corridors along 1604, I-10

Agreement will increase tax revenue, better serve residents

SAN ANTONIO – Unincorporated areas of Northeast Bexar County will soon see increased law enforcement and other essential services, thanks to a two-city annex agreement.

The city of Converse will soon absorb two corridors along 1604 and Interstate 10 that are currently considered "extra territorial jurisdiction" for the city of San Antonio. Converse will get about 3 square miles and transfer 2.2 miles in the deal.

The agreement will help increase tax revenue and serve people living in the area better than the city of San Antonio currently can.

"It's wonderful, because our police response time is terrible," Northampton resident Linda Palmer said. "We're looking at up to two hours in response time."

"When we looked at whether or not we could annex the area, the amount that we would have to spend on providing services was more than what we would gain in revenues from property taxes and other taxes, so it didn't make sense for us," Mayor Ivy Taylor said.

It will take about seven years for the plan to be complete.

“I will be meeting with the neighborhood leadership and residents over the next few weeks to ensure that all of their needs are met," Councilman Alan E. Warrick said. "The residents should be the true benefactors of the outcome of this agreement. In the end, it’s all about quality of life, and for me to get behind this proposed agreement, we must ensure that their lives are better tomorrow from what we set in motion today."

Warrick encouraged all residents to contact his office for any suggestions on how to move forward with the plan.