Houston skateboarders caught draining pool for personal skate park

Homeowner said his property has been undergoing renovations for months

HOUSTON – A group of Houston-area skateboarders were caught on camera draining a homeowner’s pool to use as their personal skate park, police said.

The frustrated homeowner said these guys need to be warned, told off and given a beaten from their mother about not doing this on other property.

The homeowner said he wanted to keep his identity hidden. His property has been undergoing renovations for months.

He said while the renovations are in process, the skaters have made themselves comfortable on his property -- more than once.

“You expect this from 15-to 17-year-old high schoolers. Not 25-to 35-year-old adults,” the homeowner said.

He said the first incident happened several months ago when the group drained the pool and used it for fun.

He said he put locks on the gates, but a short time later, a lock was cut, and the skateboarders were back.

“Few weeks after that, they busted the fence, drained the pool again and this time we were out of town,” the homeowner said.

He said about a week ago the skaters dropped by yet again -- this time while contractors were on-site working.

The homeowner said he showed up just as the skaters were leaving, and by the time authorities arrived, they had already fled.

“(I) came as fast as I could. I got some videos of these guys skateboarding and I told them they were trespassing. The moment I said cops, they bolted,” he said.

Now, the homeowner is asking for the public’s help in identifying these unwanted houseguests and passing a message to them: Stay out for good or soon enough, you will be arrested.

“Go do this somewhere else, not in people's personal property. This is home -- personal and private space,” the homeowner said.

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