Candidates make their case for mayor in debate

3 candidates attended debate

SAN ANTONIO – The mayoral election is months away, but on Tuesday night, candidates got their first shot to separate themselves from the competition.

Candidates made their case to become the next mayor of the San Antonio.

“If we focus on the basics, such as delivering a transportation system so you don't have to stuck in traffic every time you get on the road, making sure we reverse the trend on our rising violent crime rate, which is at 25-year highs, and ensuring that we have a booming economy that creates jobs," said Ron Nirenberg, District 8 councilman and mayoral candidate.

“Crime has skyrocketed. (Mayor Ivy Taylor) did not keep her promise as a city councilwoman. She has not kept her promise as a mayor. On top of that, fiscal responsibility. We need a voice at City Hall that’s going to say, 'Hold the line on taxes. Hold the line on CPS and SAWS rate increase and stop the growth of city government,'" said Manuel Medina, Bexar County Democratic Party chairman and mayoral candidate.

"The opportunity to share with the folks here what I've been able to accomplish as mayor, everything from ending the stalemate with the police unions to securing our water future, to major water supply projects, through passing a plan for the future growth of our community," Taylor said about her accomplishments.

The candidates also looked beyond city limits and on to Washington, D.C.

"When (President Donald Trump) talks about the wall, I would ask the president to take the $25 billion that he's willing to spend there, why doesn't he spent it on (Loop) 410 on (Loop) 1604 on I-35, I-37, (Highway) 290? Why doesn't he spent it on infrastructure," Medina said.

"We don't want to go backwards in relation to our economic status, nor do we want to portray our community’s history, heritage and culture," Taylor said.

“In the city of San Antonio, over the last several years, 80 percent of our growth is based on export-import activity, as well as one direct investment. So our relationship with our overseas partners as absolutely vital," Nirenberg said.

Tuesday’s debate was the first of many to come. Only three candidates took part, but a total of 10 have filed to run for mayor. The election will be held May 6.

Potential candidates have until Feb. 17 to file to get on the ballot.