Dangerous SE Side curve finally being fixed; neighbors thrilled

Hartford curve on Pecan Valley Drive, site of many crashes, under reconstruction

SAN ANTONIO – A Southeast Side neighborhood is finally feeling heard. Construction is underway to fix a dangerous curve on Pecan Valley Drive at Hartford Drive.

In mid-December, KSAT covered a story about the Hartford curve that had caused many crashes. A man directly affected by those wrecks hopes the changes being made to the road will make his community safer.

Road construction usually doesn't make neighbors happy, but the Hartford curve is different.

Miguel Martinez has been waiting for the city to fix the dangerous curve jutting out around his yard for years. City Council District 3 has called the protruding curb a design flaw. Cars hitting it have crashed into Martinez's yard at least seven times.

"The second to last, he hit the curve and got jacked around and he went into the other yard backwards, knocked all the fence down plus totaled their car," Martinez said.

The last time KSAT was at the site, a truck hit the curve and knocked a school speed limit sign down. Foster Elementary is right across the street.

That is one of many reasons why Martinez and the rest of his neighbors were thrilled when crews showed up in January to start the $23,000 project. The money is being pulled from District 3's discretionary fund, which is usually used for sidewalk repairs, speed bumps and other small projects. This project, is not so small.

Concrete work should be finished this week and asphalt will be next. They're redoing the sidewalk along the whole block and have already cut feet into Martinez's yard to make room for a straighter road without a curve.

"I don't care. I think it will help," Martinez said.

Martinez said he's willing to lose part of his yard if it means cars won't be flying through it anymore.

The project is expected to be finished by Feb. 28.

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