UTSA to launch chemical engineering program this fall

Klesse Foundation awarded the university $1 million

SAN ANTONIO – The University of Texas at San Antonio is launching a chemical engineering program this fall.

The Klesse Foundation awarded the university $1 million to support the new program. That money will go toward establishing a scholarship and outfitting a unit operations lab.

UTSA’s dean of engineering said the program will start with a small class of 30 to 40 students to make sure it’s a quality program.

"This means that we now have all four of the big engineering programs that any tier one institution has. That means mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering,” said JoAnn Browning, dean of engineering at UTSA. “We’re already strong in biology and our other engineering fields, so this just really is the glue that holds us all together."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said Texas is one of the biggest employers of chemical engineers in the country.