Video shows Seguin officer during life-and-death situation

Police: Man asked to be shot

SEGUIN, Texas – Video released by the Seguin Police Department Thursday appeared to show a man asking to be shot and leaving a patrolman with a life-and-death decision.

The department put the dashcam video on social media, featuring a six-year veteran of the force keeping his cool during the almost two-minute showdown.

"I would say it was great, great police work," said Officer Carlos Contreras, with the Seguin Police Department.

After pulling over the white Dodge truck for speeding on State Highway 46 last month, Officer Gus Jimenez and 22-year-old William Frederick Kirksey stopped near the intersection with Interstate 10.

While telling him to throw his keys out of the truck window, Kirksey complies and gets out. Unknown to Jimenez, Kirksey has an active warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kirksey yells at the officer twice for him to shoot him while refusing to get on the ground.

After the 17th command to get down, Kirksey appeared to reach for his waistband.

On the post of the video on the Seguin Police Department Facbook page, Chief Kevin Kelso wrote that the waistband is "where weapons are often carried and used against police officers."

Despite the tense situation and facing a number of unknowns, Jimenez does not pull his trigger.

"He's also trying to pay attention to see if there's innocent civilians that are around the area, and he doesn't want them to get hurt. Neither any of us would want anyone else to get hurt," Contreras said.

Jimenez wasn't available for an interview.

Kelso also wrote that officers "make mistakes," often working, "under the toughest of circumstances." He said the video shows training and professionalism, and he prays the attributes protect the life of both bystanders, the officer and "those that break the law."

Pursuit With Suspect Yelling "Shoot Me!"

It's no secret that being a police officer is an incredibly tough job. This video provides a unique perspective on just how tough it is. After a short pursuit, the suspect, who had outstanding warrants, exits his truck and repeatedly shouts "Shoot me!" Officer Gus Jimenez demonstrates professionalism and remarkable restraint, even while the suspect refuses the commands to keep his hands away from his waistband, where weapons are often carried and used against police officers. Our officers are not perfect. We make mistakes and when we do, we own and fix them. Our folks have tough jobs but as you can see, they do a great job under the toughest of circumstances. I am proud of each one of them and we hope and pray that their training not only protects those that break the law, but also lets each of our officer's go home to their family at the end of their shift. ~ Chief Kevin Kelso

Posted by Seguin Police Department on Thursday, February 9, 2017