Young mother's killer still at large after 5 years; family pleads for help

Connie Reynosa, Jesse Rodriguez killed in a drive-by shooting


A killer is still on the loose after five years. One of the victims, 21-year-old Connie Reynosa, was a young mother of two and a cherished sister and friend. Reynosa and her boyfriend, Jesse Rodriguez, were killed in a drive-by shooting.

"It's just crazy how that person is walking around there still, like nothing," said Valerie Cornado, Reynosa's sister.

Coronado said she's still confident people with information will do the right thing. After five years, she realizes time takes longer to heal some things.

"It's just hard," she said through tears. "Every day gets harder and harder and harder."

Coronado has constant reminders of her youngest sister in the form of two beautiful, innocent children.

"She was a mother of two. The little boy is 9 and the little girl is almost 8. She tried to stay home as much as she could, and when she did go out, it was rare," Coronado said.

One of those rare occasions fell on Feb. 10, 2012 when Reynosa and Rodriguez went out to Stacy's Bar on Blanco.

"We never heard from her again after that. The next morning is when we got the news of what had happened," Coronado said.

Detectives said Reynosa was driving her boyfriend and another man on Fresno when her car was riddled with at least 11 bullets. Reynosa and her boyfriend died. The man who had been sitting in the back seat was hurt but survived.

Police still haven't been able to name any suspects.

Managers at Stacy's told detectives they saw the three of them at the bar that night, but didn't see them get in any fights or arguments and don't remember seeing anyone follow them out.

"I know they said that, but then where did the car come from? It just doesn't make no sense," Coronado said. "Somebody had to have seen something. Somebody heard something. I know it's been talked over in the streets. I know somebody knows something out there."

Even small pieces of information could help detectives bring closure to the family.

"It's hard when I see the kids and they start asking more questions," Coronado said.

Coronado prays one day she'll be able to answer those questions.

Detectives are asking for any type of information the community has on this case. Crime Stoppers is still offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Anyone can make an anonymous call to 210-224-7867. To text a tip, text "Tip 127 plus your tip" to 274637.


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