St. Mary's University law professor suggests rewriting President Trump's travel ban

White House weighs new executive order, other options

SAN ANTONIOPresident Trump telling reporters on Air Force One on Friday that “it very well could be” that he will issue a new executive order as early as Monday should come as no surprise to Michael Ariens, a constitutional law expert at the St. Mary’s School of Law.

Ariens made a similar suggestion in an interview before the president spoke about it Friday afternoon.

“The government should consider rewriting the executive order,” Ariens said.

The original order had affected travel from seven majority-Muslim nations.

Ariens said it should make clear “which types of persons they’re really hoping to prevent coming to the United States.” He said it would be “a narrower order.”

The president did not give any specifics, but the White House maintains a new executive order is among several options under consideration.

From Ariens' perspective, one of them could be the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals taking up the Washington State lawsuit..

“That will take a long time. Probably over a year,” he said.