Death threats detailed in murder-for-hire trial

Text: "You'd be better off with a bullet in your brain"


SAN ANTONIO – Her voice trembling and her hands shaking, Jessica Milewski told of years of threatening emails, texts and phone calls from Jimmy Wayne Cook, her ex-boyfriend between 2011 and 2015.

She was testifying during the murder-for-hire trial of Cook. He is accused of trying to hire a man to kill Milewski.

Milewski told the jury that Cook, who she described as a “control freak,” became upset and began harassing her after she broke up with him. They had lived together for several months after meeting online, she said.

Cook was a long-haul truck driver; she was in the Army stationed in Georgia.

She said that after several years, the messages turned from harassment to death threats.

“You’d be better off with a bullet in the brain,” she said the texts read. “I’d be better off buried – I don’t deserve to live.”

“Whenever I would get those messages multiple times a day, my heart would drop and I started looking over my shoulders, literally,” she testified.

She went to police.

So did Christopher Cowan, after Cook contacted him asking him to find someone to kill Jessica for $2,000.

Prosecutor Josh Somers asked Cowan, “What did you report to police that Jimmy Wayne Cook specifically told you regarding Jessica?”

“That he wanted me to put a bullet in her,” Cowan answered.

Cook is facing life in prison if he is found guilty.

Testimony is expected to continue on Thursday in Judge Sid Harle’s 226th District Court.

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