Representative wants Baylor University held accountable for sexual assaults reported

SAN ANTONIO – State Rep. Roland Gutierrez wants Baylor University to be held accountable for more than 125 sexual assaults reported in a five-year period.

Gutierrez asked the Texas Rangers to investigate. The Rangers have agreed and have begun their investigation.

"It's beyond football. About 10 percent of those cases were attributed to the football team, and the others were college date rape, college campus rape or sexual assault," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez is demanding transparency from the nation’s largest Baptist university.

"We have the main actor, which is this institution, acting like a criminal defendant and not wanting to show us everything. By God, we should see all of these reports," Gutierrez said.

An internal investigation at Baylor found that at least 17 women said they were sexually assaulted by 19 football players in recent years. One lawsuit puts that number at more than 50.

Gutierrez believes the school has adopted a culture of violence. The victims were reportedly treated unfairly when they would report an incident.

"Not only where they shamed, they were threatened against losing their scholarships. They were threatened with being kicked out," Gutierrez said.

Baylor hired a Philadelphia law firm to investigate the reports of sexual assault. That firm, Pepper Hamilton, reported finding years of mishandled cases.

"For the sake of the 125 women that were sexually assaulted, for the sake of the 50-some ... women that have filed a federal lawsuit trying to get relief and for the sake of the other hundreds of other women that failed to report or were encouraged not to report their stories. For all of the women Baylor failed, I think it’s time that we try to just unveil the truth," Gutierrez said.

Baylor has agreed to cooperate with the Texas Ranger' investigation. The university has also revised the school's sexual violence policy.

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