Amarillo looks to adopt law making bestiality illegal

Texas has no official law banning bestiality

AMARILLO, Texas (AP) – Officials in Amarillo are considering adopting a law that would make bestiality illegal.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Director Richard Havens tells KVII-TV that over the last two years authorities have seen eight to 12 cases involving bestiality.

There currently are no penalties in place to impose on perpetrators so city leaders will hold public hearings as a first step toward adopting punitive measures.

Under a proposal, a person who commits the offense would pay a $200 fine and also pay for the cost of care for an animal.

Havens says dogs are usually the victims and he adds the problem is not unique to Amarillo and can be found across the country.

He says it must be clear what can and cannot be done with our pets.

According to a 2016 report in Bloomberg News, Texas is one of nine states and the District of Columbia that does not have a law banning bestiality.

Currently, people can be prosecuted under the state’s Public Lewdness Act first enacted in 1973; however, lawmakers are currently considering a law – TX HB 1087 -- specifically dealing with bestiality.

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