Eastside Promise Zone pedestrian safety project near elementary school completed

Gevers Street Project aims to improve student, pedestrian safety

SAN ANTONIO – City officials and East Side residents celebrated on Friday the end of a construction project aimed to make the Eastpoint Promise Zone a safer place for students and pedestrians.

The sidewalk improvements, on Gevers Street between Nolan and Dawson Street near Booker T. Washington Elementary School, were made to make it safer for young children to walk to and from the school. Neighborhood residents are thrilled to see the project completed.

“This school was built in the ‘30s and it is now 2017 that we are getting sidewalks,” said Selena Santibanez, a District 2 resident. “It does not happen overnight, but when we all come together as a community, things can get done and this is proof of it.”

The Gevers Street Project is one of 12 in the Eastside Promise Zone. The completion of the project brings the city one step closer to reaching the pedestrian safety goals of “Vision Zero,” to ultimately drop the number of pedestrian deaths to zero.

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