State trooper shooting in Kirby has neighbors worried about their own safety

Gun discharged during attempted home invasion, DPS says

SAN ANTONIO – A shooting outside the home of a Department of Public Safety state trooper has people in his Kirby neighborhood worried about their own safety.

According to a statement released by the DPS about seven hours after the shooting, the trooper struggled with a man who he found in his backyard around 11:45 p.m. Thursday.

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The trooper had armed himself with his department-issued weapon and was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he confronted the man, the news release stated.

During the struggle, the gun went off. However, the vest was able to stop the round from doing any serious harm to the trooper, the report stated.

Officers from four different agencies searched the area near the 5100 block of Tom Stafford. Still, the would-be intruder got away.

Jeanette Fisher, who lives across the street from the trooper, said she did not hear the gunshot but woke up to the commotion later.

"I heard a car door," she said. "I said, 'Wait a minute. It's three in the morning. Why am I hearing car doors?"

Fisher said she looked out her window and saw police cars. She then woke up her boyfriend who went outside to investigate.

PREVIOUSLY: Off-duty DPS trooper shot during home invasion in Kirby

"There had been a shot and (the trooper) was in the hospital. That's about all we heard," said Louis Talamantez.

The couple said while the violence is out of the ordinary, break-ins aren't. They said the neighborhood appears to be experiencing a bit of a crime wave lately.

"My truck has been broken into three, four times," Talamantez said.

Donte Cooper, who lives one street over, said he has noticed an increase in trouble too.  He's just surprised that someone would target a law enforcement officer.

"You would think this is a safe area. For him to get injured in his own backyard," Cooper said.

"That makes me want to arm myself as a concerned citizen and get some kind of protection--a dog or get a firearm," he said.

Kirby police said much of the crime they've seen in the area lately, such as car burglaries,  most likely has been committed by teens.

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