Man in critical condition after drive-by shooting on East Side, police say

SAN ANTONIO – A 25-year-old is in critical condition after an apparent drive-by shooting on the East Side, police said.

The shooting happened Friday evening on the corner of Dreiss and Wyoming streets.

Shell casings lay in front of the cars where the victim was standing on Dreiss Street.

“They were taking one battery out of another vehicle and putting it into another vehicle, and the (suspect) vehicle drove alongside them,” said Lt. Dave Berrigan, with the San Antonio Police Department.

"I heard, it sure seemed like, it didn't seem like firecrackers, it sounded like five shots,” said Jerry Anderson, a resident who lives near where the shooting happened.

ShotSpotter first alerted police, and then dispatch got a call from the victim’s girlfriend who was rushing him to the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

The victim had bullets in his side and leg.

The dispatcher told the girlfriend to pull over at the corner of North Hackberry and Lamar. An ambulance then took the man to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

The victim’s girlfriend and the victim told police they have no idea who the shooters were or why they did it.

“We don't know if they know each other or if there's a conflict prior to. It’s hard to say, you know? I'm not going to speculate,” Berrigan said, “Obviously, anytime a gun is involved, nothing good, there's no good outcome.”

Police took a statement from the victim’s girlfriend. They’re now looking for two men who were in a blue Toyota Camry. Anyone with information is asked to call police.