Cardboard kids helping ChildSafe raise $1 million in one month

Child advocacy kicks off fundraiser Thursday

SAN ANTONIO – ChildSafe kicked off a fundraising campaign Thursday with a goal of raising $1 million in the next month.

The Children’s Advocacy got things started by displaying its cardboard kids at the Embassy 14 movie theater.

In the coming days, people will see the cardboard kids at businesses across San Antonio.

ChildSafe has distributed more than 75,000 cardboard kids to people who volunteered to decorate a child and share it on social media.

The goal is to get the community to talk about child abuse.

"The more kids that are out there, the more people see them,” Kim Abernathy, president and CEO of ChildSafe, said. “People are really start understanding what cardboard kids are, and learning more about child abuse and that it is a community issue.”

This is the second year ChildSafe has tried to raise a million dollars in a month.

In 2016, the nonprofit raised more than $650,000.

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