Candidates in SA City Council District 1 race discuss issues

Six people vying for council spot

SAN ANTONIO – There are six candidates running for the San Antonio City Council District 1 seat. Whoever wins will represent people living in much of downtown and some of the most historic neighborhoods, including Beacon and Tobin Hills.

The seat currently belongs to Councilman Roberto Treviño.

"In this election, aside from elected officials, is the bond," Treviño said. "$850 million bond and District 1 is getting 26 percent of that bond, and that's not by accident."

Terri Gorler and others said they feel as if their voices aren't being heard. They also added they want to see infrastructure improvements and less new development in their neighborhoods.

"I will stand by the residents and I will make sure that they are involved in the process from the beginning that dictates how their community is going to evolve," candidate Michael Montaño said.

Voter registration deadline approaches for city of SA election


Lauro Bustamante has run for office before and said he would like to tackle health care, education and safety in District 1.

"I have a family that grew up here -- 10 children, a beautiful wife -- and I'd like to leave a good community for them," Bustamante said. "I think San Antonio can become a smart city and that's really what I'm advocating."

"Everything's been outsourced for, for a long time. It's been decades and decades of outsourcing all of our contracts and really we can't afford it anymore," District 1 candidate Adrian Flores said.

Robert Feria and Ross Treviño are also on the ballot for the District 1 seat.

Trevino was first appointed to council in December 2014 and was elected to his first full term in May 2015. During his time on the council, he has served on the Neighborhoods and Livability Council, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Economic and Human Development, and Housing Council committees.

The deadline to register to vote is Thursday. Voters will elect the mayor and council members and vote on six bond propositions totaling $850 million. Early voting begins April 24. For a look at a sample ballot and polling places, click here.