Chief McManus to consider ideas on improving community relations

Dialogue held Tuesday night in San Antonio


SAN ANTONIO – As for recommendations on how to improve relations between police and community members, some ideas are expected to land on Police Chief William McManus’ desk in the next few weeks.

The ideas were pitched by residents from across the city.

On Tuesday night, community members took turns engaging in an open dialogue with McManus.

The conversation included topics such as ways for the San Antonio Police Department to make the neighborhoods safer, and changing the negative image people in certain areas might have of those patrolling their neighborhoods.

“There definitely needs to be more dialogue,” said Alejandra Navarro, who lives on the Westside. “There's a negative stigma that is just attached to policemen, but once these dialogues started, I think that can be diminished.”

McManus said getting together gives everyone an opportunity to talk.

“(And we can) exchange ideas, hear concerns (and) hear issues where otherwise, we might not have been able to do that,” he said.

McManus said his department will consider all recommendations, but most importantly, he will try to figure out which ones would be possible to implement and which would make the city safer.