Baby giraffe born at Houston Zoo in April

HOUSTON – While the world was watching April in New York, a baby giraffe was born behind-the-scenes Monday at the Houston Zoo.

After a two-hour labor, both mom, Tyra, and the yet-to-be-named calf are doing well and are currently bonding behind the scenes, the zoo said in a statement about the birth.

After a few days alone with her mother, the zoo said the new calf will make her public debut.

The new calf weighs 139 pounds and is estimated to be 6 feet, 3 inches tall.

The zoo noted that on average, giraffe pregnancies last from 14 to 15 months. A newborn Masai giraffe calf typically weighs between 125 and 150 pounds at birth and measures approximately six feet tall. 

Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial animals, with the average male standing at 17 feet tall and weighing 2,500 pounds. Females average more than 14 feet tall.

There are nine subspecies of giraffes; the Houston Zoo is now home to six Masai giraffes.  

This story is courtesy of KSAT's sister station, KPRC.

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