Tech job fair held to bridge gap between talent, demand

SAN ANTONIO – The tech industry continues to grow throughout the Alamo City. A job fair was held Tuesday to give companies a chance to bridge the gap between talent and demand.

"It feels really good. It seems like most of the people here are hiring for a lot of different positions and in various different kind of categories, not all web development by any means," said Halie Koehler, who was looking for a job.

"We're starting to build awareness on what tech companies actually need. There's sell teams that have been growing. There's leadership needs that are out there, strategic needs that are out there," said Phillip Hernandez, the vice president of student experience at Codeup.

Potential employers aren't necessarily looking for years of experience, instead they want employees with drive and determination.

"I didn't know any tech. I didn't know any HTML or any of the languages, but at Codeup, I found it really easy to pick it up, like within four months," Humberto Sandigo said.

A second tech job fair will be held on Sept. 26 at the Doseum. All you need is your resume to apply.