Check it out: Fist fight on a plane, boy falls out of school bus, teen jumps into aquarium

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SAN ANTONIO – Fists fly in a plane, a wrong-way driver causes a fiery mess, a boy falls out of a school bus and a teen goes for a swim at Bass Pro Shop. Here are some of today's viral videos.

Fist fight breaks out in plane: A violent brawl broke out on a US-bound flight from Japan as a flight attendant tried to break up the passengers. 


Wrong-way driver causes fiery, fatal explosion: A wrong-way driver speeds down Interstate 75 in Dayton, Ohio, before colliding head-on with a gasoline tanker.


Boy falls out of school bus: A second-grader in South Carolina returns to school uninjured after falling out of a moving bus.


Teen jumps into Bass Pro Shop aquarium: A teenager is in trouble with the law after jumping into a sporting goods store aquarium.