Houston-area mother accused of instigating fight between female students

Cellphone video shows the attack

HOUSTON – A Houston-area mother has been arrested, accused of instigating fights between middle school students.

Cellphone video shows a middle school student beating up two other students.

One of the attacks happened inside a Taco Bell restaurant while several people watched, the other attack happened outside on the sidewalk near Bissonnet Street and Bonhomme Road in Southwest Houston.

All of the students involved attend nearby Sugar Grove Academy.

Watch the video here

"The girls used to be friends and then they weren't friends," said Andrea Authorlee, whose daughter was the one beaten up outside on the sidewalk.

Authorlee said the student who attacked her daughter was being encouraged by her own mother. She told KSAT 12' sister station KPRC that the conformation began a few hours earlier inside the school. The girl's mother was working there but approached a couple of students in their classrooms and asked them if they wanted to fight her daughter, she said.

"She's volunteering at the school but she's making threats to these students," said Authorlee. "I do believe she waited for them to get out of school."

"She's there encouraging her child to assault my child," said Alice Jones, whose daughter was attacked inside the Taco Bell. "I would never imagine hurting someone else's child. I just can't do it."

HISD told KPRC in a statement, "HISD is aware of an altercation that took place off campus between a Sugar Grove Academy parent, her child and another student. Authorities were immediately notified. The parent was arrested and the student involved is receiving appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in the HISD Student Code of Conduct."

"I know she was arrested but was able to bond out two days later. I don't feel like she was punished for everything," said Jones.

Both Jones and Authorlee said they wish the district would do more. Their daughters are both suffering headaches and Jones' daughter is reportedly having major health problems as a result of the continuous blows to the head.

"Nobody has even contacted me to see if my daughter is OK," said Jones.

"I would like to see the district step in because the school is not taking any action," said Authorlee.

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