Nonprofits to benefit from Big Give Thursday

4DogSakes hopes to benefit from Big Give


SAN ANTONIO – Thursday is the Big Give, when San Antonio nonprofits can benefit from the generosity of the community.

Among the nonprofits involved is 4DogSakes Rescue, based out of the Alamo Heights Kennel Club on Sunset. The small nonprofit rescues dogs from animal-care services.

The dogs get veterinary care, socialization by volunteers, proper nutrition and more.

4DogSakes Rescue also transports dogs out of state, working with groups in Washington and Michigan, where the dogs are quickly adopted.

"We would very much like to get our name out into the public, let the people know the great work that we do, because I know that if people know more about us, they will be able to support us, and the more money we have, the more dogs we save," Kathleen Finck, from 4DogSakes, said.

Click here if you'd like to donate to the Big Give.