Man falls into second level netting at Topgolf after swing and miss

Twitter: @EnvyNate
Twitter: @EnvyNate (Twitter/EnvyNate)

FORT WORTH, Texas – One of the scariest, and perhaps funniest, golf shot celebrations happened at a Texas Topgolf location, not on the links.

On early Sunday morning, Twitter user Nathan (@EnvyNate) posted a video of a man, who he says is his cousin, lining up a shot on the second level of the newly-opened Topgolf Fort Worth location. The cousin swings at the golf ball and misses.

The video then shows him 'celebrating' his hit by pointing and looking into the night sky. He walks off the green tee mat while still looking into the air, then inadvertently steps over the yellow line that reads 'No Step' on the platform.

He falls off the platform into the netting just below when the video cuts off. The video has been shared and viewed on social media sites millions of times.

In another video posted to Twitter taken from the level below, the man can be seen in the netting, struggling to get out.

Topgolf tweeted to Nathan asking, "@EnvyNate, we would love to chat about this and make sure he is safe! Can you please DM us?"

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Nathan said his cousin was not seriously injured.