Fight involving gun caught on convenience store surveillance video

So far no arrests have been made

HOUSTON – A routine run to a Houston area convenience store turned into a frightening fight involving a gun, and it was all caught on surveillance cameras.

Tattoo artist David Calk said he had just walked across the street and into the store when a guy at the counter gave him a look and the two exchanged words.

"He looked at me like, what's up? And I was like, 'What's up?' And he was like, 'You got a problem?'"

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Things quickly escalated, Calk said, when the other guy pulled a gun on him not just once, but twice.

"He pulled it from his waist and pointed it at me, at my stomach and my head, like two or three times," Calk said.

The two men then scuffled before Calk was able to get the gun away and got the upper hand.

"I saw the gun go that way, and that's when I just clamped him and pulled him down and I grabbed the gun," Calk said.

In the video, Calk can be seen holding the other guy down in a leg hold before letting him go and leaving.

Police were called and continue their investigation but said so far no charges have been filed on either man.

They also said each one has given conflicting statements.

Police said the other man claimed it was Calk's gun that was pulled in the melee.

"There's videotape of him pulling a pistol out on me. So how is that not evidence enough? How are they going to believe his story?" Calk said.

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