Weekend event aims to help veterans, terminally ill, disadvantaged kids

Joshua Creek hosting third annual shooting classic

SAN ANTONIO – Trinity Oaks will team up with Joshua Creek Ranch to host a shooting competition and sporting expo this weekend. 

“We did a lot of research on organizations that had their mission sort of aligned with ours, with the outdoors, and Trinity Oaks was a perfect fit,” Kevin Welborn, director of marketing, sales and guest services for Joshua Creek Ranch, said. 

Joshua Creek will host its third annual shooting classic and sporting expo on Saturday with Trinity Oaks. All the money raised will go to the nonprofit organization. 

Trinity Oaks' mission is to use hunting, fishing and outdoor activities to give back and change lives.

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Its programs support veterans, families suffering through the terminal illness of one of their members and underprivileged youth who lack proper mentorship. 

“Our demographics work with wounded and combat veterans, terminally ill children and disadvantaged youth,” Brittany Hosmer, executive director of Trinity Oaks, said. “We also have over 100,000 pounds of meat distributed annually that goes to orphanages, battered women’s homes and faith-based soup kitchens throughout the state and northern Mexico.”

Since 2007, the organization has given over 3,400 people with outdoor experiences, including Ruben Ramon.

“It’s definitely allowed me to come out of my bubble a lot and just talk to people a lot easier,” Ramon said. 

After moving to Texas when he was 14, Roman said he gained confidence through Trinity Oaks. Roman is using his experience and helping others.