Girl mesmerized by bride, 'princess' from favorite book

Bride Shandace Lerma plays part perfectly


A little girl was awestruck when she thought she spotted the princess from her favorite book on the streets of Seattle.

As it turned out, it was a bride: Shandace Lerma, who got married to Scott Robertson last February. The couple were out taking photos when they came across the child and her mother.

Lerma and Robertson’s wedding photographer, Stephanie Cristalli, was on hand to snap some photos.

Lerma played the part beautifully, even gifting the little girl a flower from her bouquet.

Roberston shared the story on Reddit, including photos from Cristalli.

“My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot, this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by,” Roberston posted. “The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the princess from her favorite book (the one she's holding).”

“Your wife is forever the Princess of Ballard to her,” the little girl’s mom told Robertson, according to published reports.

The scene unfolded in a manner similar to how one might imagine it happening in a storybook.

"We were walking around taking photos and the little girl was just staring at the gorgeous bride," Cristalli told POPSUGAR. "We stopped to acknowledge her and to say hi and then the beautiful series just happened."

Lerma said to POPSUGAR, "This is the feel-good story the world needs right now. In such uncertain times, it's a reminder of the joy and love that still exists."

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